Chongqing’s imports growth tops in China for 3 consecutive months

The total imports of Chongqing in January-July, 2012 reached 8 billion U.S. dollars, increased by 72.1% compared with that in 2011. Its growth rate is 65.4 percentage points higher than that of China’s total imports, staying No.1 in China for three consecutive months.

The development of electronic information industries, especially laptop industry, contributed a lot to the rapid growth. The export of laptop stimulated the import of related parts and components, with the import value of electronic information industries accounting for half of the total import value in January-July.

Another driving force was the reform and upgrading of traditional industries. The imports of related advanced technology, equipment and key components rose by 55.1% in the first six months with contribution rate exceeding 33.33%.

Huang Xiqin

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