Chinese businessmen invest 250 mln USD in the Limpopo Valley in southern Mozambique

Authorities in the southern Mozambican province of Gaza said that a group of Chinese businessmen is investing 250 million U.S. dollars in agriculture in the Limpopo Valley.

The investors are from the Chinese Hubei province, and working on agricultural project covering 20,000 hectares on lower Limpopo Irrigation System, Radio Mozambique reported on Monday.

According to the provincial government, the project is to be developed in three phases. According to Armando Ussivane, chairperson of the Board of Lower Limpopo Irrigation System, the dynamism in the project guarantees a good agricultural campaign for food production in Gaza in the coming months in the first phase of the implementation of the scheme.

The first phase of the project covers 6,000 hectares in the lower Chicumbane region.

Ussivane said at least 30 km of a drainage system for agricultural irrigation has been completed and that more than 15 km of roads along the irrigation area have been built.

The Lower Limpopo Irrigation System was not operating for more than 30 years due to lack of funds and the civil war, waged by former rebels of Renamo.

“Now, conditions are ripe to revive the project,” said Ussivane.

He said working with the Chinese agronomists is very important, because Mozambicans are to learn the Chinese technology on agricultural production.

“The lower Limpopo has a fertile potential and conditions for water for irrigation,” he said, calling on Mozambican farmers to make use of the presence of the Chinese in the project, aimed at producing more food to fight hunger in Gaza.

For Ussivane, the involvement of the Hubei’s agronomists strengthens cooperation between Mozambique and China.

The lower Limpopo is meant to produce rice, vegetables and potatoes, according to Ussivane.


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