Japanese activists land on Diaoyu Islands

The Japanese coast guard has confirmed that at least nine Japanese activists landed on the Diaoyu Islands, local media reported.

The coast guard’s patrol vessels found at least nine people landed on Diaoyu Islands at around 7:30 Sunday, according to the NHK.

They arrived at the waters near the Diaoyu Islands early Sunday morning with a group of 150 Japanese activists and 21 vessels.

The group plans to hold a ceremony for people died in the war in 1945, and then investigate fishery conditions in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands in order to declare the islands are Japanese territory.

China on Saturday lodged solemn representations with Japan as the group comprising some Japanese lawmakers and members of right- wing groups plan to go to the Diaoyu Islands waters to hold activities. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang said that China has urged the Japanese side to immediately stop the action that seeks to undermine China’s territorial sovereignty.

The arrival of the Japanese activists came after 14 Chinese activists arrived at the Diaoyu Islands by a Hong Kong fishing vessel to assert China’s territorial claim to the islands last Wednesday. They were illegally arrested shortly after and were released last Friday.


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