Taiwan’s 2011 tourism revenue hits record high

Taiwan’s night markets are selected by foreign visitors as among the top tourist attractions on the island.

Taiwan’s tourism income reached an all-time high of US$11.06 billion in 2011, up 26.91 percent from the previous year, according to a survey of travelers by the Tourism Bureau under the ROC Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

“An analysis of inbound visitors’ consumption showed that the average daily expenditure for Japanese tourists was US$348, an increase of 23 percent year on year, topping all incoming travelers,” the bureau said Aug. 16. Japanese in tour groups spent a daily average of US$430.53, also leading all nations and regions.

Mainland Chinese visitors were second with an average daily expenditure of US$270.31, while those in tour groups spent US$266.35

The poll also indicated that 93 percent of foreign tourists were satisfied with their overall experience in Taiwan, with those from mainland China showing the highest level of satisfaction, followed by visitors from Hong Kong and Macau, and the U.S., all above 90 percent, while South Korean travelers were the least satisfied, at 73.3 percent.

Foreign visitors were most satisfied with the friendliness of Taiwan’s people, security of accommodations, safety of recreational facilities and good public order.

They listed Taiwan’s most impressive aspects as local friendliness and hospitality, gourmet food and night markets, the bureau said, adding that “94 percent of inbound visitors expressed willingness to revisit Taiwan, most probably for sightseeing.”

Grace Kuo

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