Chongqing faces lack of drinking water due to rising temperatures

Thousands of people in central and southwest China are facing drinking water shortages because of insufficient rainfall and scorching heat.

In the southwestern Chongqing Municipality, 79,000 residents in the mountainous regions are facing temporary water shortages after rainfall in the megacity has seen a 20 percent to 60 percent year-on-year drop since June, according to sources at the local flood control and drought relief office.

Chongqing has suffered from hot days with maximum temperatures at above 38 degree centigrade since early August, statistics from the local meteorological observatory showed.

Government officials supervising drought relief in the city have been urged to store water from torrential rains, which are expected to come during the current flood season. The rains should be channelled to drought-hit areas or reservoirs.

Statistics show that water conservation projects in Chongqing are holding more water than the same period last year.


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