Chongqing starts office complex building plan in Yuzhong District

Yuzhong District, the only national pilot district in Chongqing for comprehensive reforms of service industry approved by the National Development and Reform Committee, planned to hit 100 billion yuan of added value for the district’s service industry by 2015.

Many enterprises intended to have located in Yuzhong District before, but they failed to do so owing to little space and few office buildings in Yuzhong District.

A project of building new houses and reforming old ones would be started in Yuzhong District to provide a favorable environment, involving Grade A office buildings with 10,000,000 square meters, for hi-quality enterprises in the next five years, according to Yuzhong District, Chongqing.

Now there are 69 old buildings covering about 3,500,000 square meters to be changed into Grade A office buildings or similar ones, in which 1,000,000 square meters are to start construction this year.

Besides, another 8,000,000 square meters of business buildings will be newly built in line with Grade A office standard.

Yuzhong District would solve the parking problem over the next three to five years by means of building an underground circuit road connecting with 1,300 parking spaces of 42 buildings in Jiefangbei and four large-scale parking places in Shuixiangzi, Kuixinglou, Shibati, and Shuishixiang, according to Tang Yingyu, district mayor of Yuzhong District.

Deng Jun

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