Chongqing enterprises win credit of 3 million yuan

The investment & financing team of Chongqing Technology & Finance Service Platform named “Angel Program” (AP), has signed strategic partnership agreements with 5 industrial parks of Chongqing, according to Chongqing Technology Assets Holdings Limited. “Angel Program” will provide Chongqing’s small & micro scientific and technological enterprises with a credit of 3 million yuan.

The parks themselves have first screened out 31 small & micro technological enterprises under support requirements. These enterprises are subject to in-depth investigations over main business, core technology, and development plan made by the investment & financing team. Ten of them will be firstly qualified for getting the “Angel Guarantee” credit. This process aims to ensure a more efficient financial support, according to Chongqing Technology Assets Holdings Limited.

Of the first 10 enterprises, 9 will divide the credit amount of approx. 1 million yuan, each securing credit guarantee worth of no more than 150 thousand yuan; the rest small company, engaged in mining geographic information data, is to be offered a credit of 2 million yuan and the first loan is 500 thousand yuan.

Deng Jun

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