CMA and China Telecom signed cooperation agreement

Recently, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and China Telecom Corporation (China Telecom) signed comprehensive cooperation framework agreement (agreement) which marked the bilateral long-term, stable and comprehensive partnership has been established for improving meteorological disaster warning information broadcasting, intensifying the meteorological information service and infrastructure construction and fulfilling the social responsibility of timely releasing the meteorological warning information so as to fully play the role of meteorological information service in China’s disaster reduction and prevention and the public’s production and life.

According to the agreement, the 2 sides will strengthen the cooperation so as to jointly build the “green channel” for releasing meteorological disaster warning information; research and develop the warning information broadcasting technologies, further promote the rate and efficiency of mobile phone text messages for sending warning information; strengthen cooperation on weather information services based on an intelligent terminal of mobile communication; intensify market supervision and management; take meteorological information service publicity for developing the brand of weather information service; enlarge the coverage of weather service information.

Last year, CMA and China United Network Communications Cooperation signed strategic cooperation framework agreement for jointly promoting meteorological information service. So this has been the 2nd cooperation between different departments.

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