Chongqing enhances customs clearance efficiency

Chongqing Customs employed a regional customs clearance pattern “Local Declaration & Port Clearance” in the first half of 2012, facilitating the import and export of 2.24-million-ton cargos of Chongqing enterprises, according to Chongqing Customs on August 7, 2012.

In this way, enterprises can go through all the custom procedures in advance. And cargos can be declared, examined and released by the port customs and related customs once and for all, saving 1 to 2 days compared to that required by the traditional pattern.

According to regulations on customs transfer, enterprises should use supervised transportation tools designated by customs during customs transfer. However, after the adoption of the regional customs clearance pattern, enterprises can choose any transportation tools and routes, which can lower their logistics costs.

Huang Xiqin

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