Hunan’s economy on the rise

The Hunan economy mid-term report was officially released. According to the report, the GDP of Hunan in the first half year grew by 11.5%, higher than the national average and the fiscal income of the province, increased by 22.5%, better than what was expected.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that the total outcome of the early indica rice will reach 8.17 billion kilogram this year, up 105 million kilogram than that in 2011. Recently, the initiation of 92 key projects of the first batch of Hunan’s demonstration areas for undertaking industrial transfer have been restarted to facilitate the “Open-up and Rise” strategy in Hunan for another economic boom.

Under the increasingly tense atmosphere, Hunan gains strength from three industries (the primary industry, the secondary industry, and the tertiary industry) boosting its economic progress. In the first half of 2012, Hunan’s total volume of retail sales in social consumption reached 363.29 billion Yuan, up 15.5%, with a five-month accumulative growth above 15%. Its export reached 5.34 billion US dollars, up by 18.3%, higher than the national average whereas the total export-import volume realized 9.71 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.5%. Hunan’s fixed investments saw a year-on-year rise by 24.2% , with medical treatment and public health increasing by 45.4% and housing guarantee projects growing by 4.6 times.

Hao Jingru

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