Chongqing discovers 76.5 mln tons of bauxite

Chongqing discovered 76.5 million tons of medium & low quality bauxite resources in bauxite integral exploration areas in Jiujing, Nanchuan District and Zhangjiashan, Wulong County, etc. The goal to explore more bauxite with over 334 categories and 100 million tons of reserves in 3 years is expected to be achieved earlier, according to Chongqing Bureau of Geology and Minerals Exploration on August 5, 2012.

The principal from Chongqing Bureau of Geology and Minerals Exploration said that 14 bauxite exploration & scientific research projects have been set up in Chongqing by now. A large mineral area, 3 medium-sized mineral areas and 9 small mineral areas and mines available for further exploration were discovered in Nanchuan District from 2011 to late June of 2012.

It is reported that the projects including Chongqing 800,000-ton alumina project of Aluminum Corporation of China in Nanchuan District, 150,000-ton alumina project of Chongqing Bosai Minerals Group Co., Ltd., and the 150,000-ton alumina China Power Investment Corporation in Baima Town, Wulong County, etc. have been put into operation with a total capacity of 1.1 million tons and large consumption of bauxite resources. The exploration in Nanchuan District secures resources for the existing “one large and two small” alumina projects in Chongqing.

Next, Chongqing will continue the exploration in Wulong County and Nanchuan District, etc., which will secure resources for the development of Chongqing aluminum industry and the aluminum industrial chain of 100 billion yuan.

Qu Xinyan

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