Union Pay successfully tests its cell phone electronic payment system

In the Better Life Supermarket, vice president of People’s Bank of China (Changsha Branch) Li Bin demonstrated to the reporters how to make a payment via the customized cell phone of Union Pay, which combines bank card and SIM after inserting chip for financial IC card.

This kind of cell phone, being tested on a small scale, is made by HTC and has the logo of Union Pay and Mobile Payment on its back. The most majority of POS (point of sale terminal) of Hunan merchants can accept this way of payment.

At present, all the shopping malls, hotels and famers’ markets have started to accept financial IC card. Public transportation in Zhangjiajie, Hengyang and Changde can accept financial IC card and by the end of this year, the public transportation of Jishou City, Huaihua City, Chenzhou City, Loudi City, Yueyang City and Xiangtan City will accept this card

Li Xuan

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