Electronic information industry booms in Liangjiang New Area

The output value of the electronic information industry of Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area reached 11.183 billion yuan, up 17.2 times, with the production volume of laptops up to 4.1433 million in the first half of 2012.

It is the laptop industry and the related electronic information industrial chain that boost the significant increase of the export of Liangjiang New Area.

Famous brands like Acer and Asus and their ODM enterprises successfully entered Lianglu/Cuntan Bonded Port Area, and they have reached the initial cooperation intention with the 3 supporting enterprises of Acer. Six supporting enterprises including Jinjian Company, Xinjin Electronic Co., Ltd., FALEDA, Easttop Supply Chain Management Ltd., Eternal Asia, etc. successfully settled in the area.

The Bonded Port Area is working on building the e-information industry-centered processing base and forming the processing trade industry cluster through high-effective communication with brand owners, OEMs and supporting enterprises.

The Bonded Port Area has introduced 57 enterprises in the first half of 2012 and saw significant development of the electronic information industry cluster. It is introduced that the laptop enterprises in the Bonded Port Area will strive to produce 20 million laptops and realize an output value of 50 billion yuan in 2012.

In addition, centered on the electronic information industry cluster development and investment attraction for industry chain, the electronic information industry is becoming an important growing part of the industry development zone of Liangjiang New Area.

By now, Liangjiang Industry Development Zone has introduced 13 electronic information projects with a total investment of 22.34 billion yuan and is expected to realize an output value of 30.42 billion yuan.

Those settled electronic information manufacturing enterprises are related to integrated circuit board, LED sapphire substrate materials, intelligent display capacitive touch-screen, new energy lithium battery and intelligent household electrical appliances, etc. Out of these enterprises, there are two Fortune 500 enterprises and five leading enterprises in the industry.

Huang Xiqin

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