MAC stresses Taiwan’s global participation

Dignified participation in the international community is a common goal for all of Taiwan society, the Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan said July 29.

Only when Taiwan and mainland China face cross-strait realities, find agreement among their differences, and agree not to recognize each other’s sovereignty while not repudiating their respective jurisdictions can their relations proceed on a stable basis, MAC added.

MAC’s comments came after the eighth Cross-Strait Economic, Trade and Cultural Forum in mainland China’s Harbin issued 17 joint suggestions the same day.

As it is a consensus of the ruling and opposition parties, as well as the general public, that Taiwan take part honorably in the global community, the nation will continue to expand its participation in international organizations and activities, MAC said. It hopes that the two sides of the strait can operate with mutual respect and friendship, including in nongovernmental bodies, so that a virtuous cycle will result in greater contributions worldwide.

The cross-strait forum, held primarily between Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party, said in one of its points that as cross-strait ties are not state-to-state relations, the two sides ought to avoid infighting and should instead negotiate on equal footing.

MAC also reiterated the government’s position of promoting the institutionalization of cross-strait relations under the framework of the ROC Constitution, the “1992 consensus” and the principles of no unification, no independence and no use of force, while dealing with “economics before politics” and “easily resolved issues before difficult ones.”

The 1992 consensus is an informal, oral agreement that there exists one China, inclusive of the mainland and Taiwan, with both sides agreeing to differ on its precise political definition.

The Cross-Strait Economic, Trade and Cultural Forum is a long-running exchange of views among political parties on both sides of the strait, MAC noted. The government is willing to learn from suggestions resulting from all types of interaction among civic organizations that can contribute to peaceful and stable cross-strait ties and are in accord with national interests, it added.

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