News Ticker: Taiwan reiterated sovereignty over Diaoyutai; Bosnia-Herzegovina became visa free for Taiwanese

In response to recent remarks by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda before the Japanese Diet that the government has begun raising the needed funds to nationalize the Diaoyutai Archipelago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan reiterated the ROC’s sovereignty over the Islands and stated that it does not recognize any words or deeds by the Japanese government that might undermine its sovereignty. The ministry also asked Taiwan’s representative office in Japan to relay its concerns over the issue to Tokyo.

Taiwan passport holders are able to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina visa free, for stays of up 90 days, as of July 25, according to the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Balkan nation is the 128th country or region to grant visa-free or landing visa entry to ROC citizens.

The Environmental Protection Administration passed environmental impact assessments July 25 for the planned construction of high-speed rail stations in Miaoli and Changhua. Last month, it greenlighted construction of a station in Yunlin. Taiwan’s high-speed railway began operations in October 2007. There are currently eight stations along its 345-kilometer length.

The National Communications Council approved an amendment to the Telecommunications Act July 25 requiring that state-run Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. release local loop infrastructure such as common ducts, manholes and hand holes at cost to Taiwan Fixed Network Co. Ltd., Asia Pacific Telecom Co. Ltd. and Sparq, a subdivision of Far Eastone Telecommunications Co. Ltd., to boost competition in the market.

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