China considering legal protection for Good Samaritans

A national regulation is being drafted to better protect the rights of Good Samaritans, the China Foundation for Justice and Courage said Monday.

A national regulation is needed, as local governments adopt different standards to identify and reward acts of bravery, said Guo Yuying, secretary-general of the foundation.

Local standards may not be appropriate for those who sacrifice their own interest to help others, Guo said.

The regulation, drafted by the Ministry of Public Security, has been submitted for review by government departments, related organizations and the public, she said.

The State Council Legislative Affairs Office has been briefed about the development and expressed support for drafting the regulation, she said.

About 870 people have received awards from the foundation over the last three years for their courageous acts, including a teacher from northeast China’s Heilongjiang province who lost her legs after pushing two students out of the way of an oncoming bus and a bus driver from east China’s Zhejiang province who ensured the safety of his passengers after being fatally injured by a piece of flying debris.

Founded in 1993, the foundation has received financial support from the government and raised funds among the public.


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