The People’s Daily calls for extending civil responsibility

The People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC), on Monday called on the government to extend its civil responsibility and spirit.

The paper said in a commentary that governments at all levels should reflect on the growing importance of civil responsibility following a massive rainstorm that hit the Chinese capital Saturday night.

The municipal government said 37 people died in the heaviest rains to hit the city in 61 years. Many local residents volunteered to help each other during the crisis, helping to drag vehicles out of flooded areas and transporting stranded people back to their homes.

The commentary highlighted a lack of social awareness within the government, adding that the government should improve its awareness and ability to provide civil service.

The paper said that the modernization of a city is reflected not only by the skyscrapers on the ground, but also by the sewage system underground, adding that municipal authorities should enhance their awareness of civil responsibility.

The local government could have extended more care to flood victims by opening stadiums to use as shelters, providing free bus rides for stranded people and creating a more complete emergency and rescue plan.


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