China, Benin to boost cooperation

Vice President Xi Jinping and Beninese President Thomas Boni Yayi pledged to boost cooperation between the two countries on the sidelines of the fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) on Friday.

Xi said China and Benin are good friends and that both sides have insisted on equality, cooperation, mutual trust and benefit.

China will make more efforts to accelerate economic development and improve people’s livelihoods in Benin, as well as extend cooperation in more fields, Xi said.

Xi spoke highly of the efforts made by Yayi, who is also the current chairman of the African Union, to maintain peace and stability in Africa.

“China is confident in the prospects for Africa’s development and will support economic development in African countries and safeguard their interests in international affairs,” Xi said.

Yayi said Benin and China are “good friends” and have developed a solid relationship on the basis of mutual trust.

Yayi said the FOCAC is an important platform to boost cooperation between China and African countries, as well as promote world peace and stability.

The new measures proposed by President Hu Jintao have been deeply welcomed by African countries and will further cement friendship and cooperation between the two sides, Yayi said.

Yayi said Benin and other African countries welcome more investment from China and will cooperate with the country in more fields, including agriculture, infrastructure construction, education and human resource development.

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