Chongqing introduces public welfare project “Youth Business China”

Chongqing Branch of Youth Business China (YBC) is to be established. Youths in Chongqing will easily obtain an interest-free subsidy of 30 to 50 thousand yuan and enjoy “one-on-one” guidance service from successful entrepreneurs.

YBC is a public welfare project aiming to faciliate the start-ups of youths, sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the National Bureau of Statistics, and the British Embassy in China. Up to now, the declaration of YBC Chongqing Branch is approved and the preparation work is completed. Meanwhile, Chongqing Zhengtong Telecommunication Co., Ltd. has donated 3 million yuan to YBC Fund in Chongqing specifically for YBC Program.

Besides, YBC has been closely working with the top four global economic organizations such as Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, and it will guide the youths into the market network and provide a global network platform for Chongqing’s infant enterprises. Moreover, YBC will also stress the utilization of market resources for the youth entrepreneurs.

Tan Jiangang

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