MAC acclaims US support for cross-strait policy

The U.S. government strongly supports ROC President Ma Ying-jeou’s mainland China policy and his administration’s promotion of peaceful and stable cross-strait relations, Mainland Affairs Council spokesman Liu Te-shun said July 14.

Liu made the comments following a symposium on the opportunities and challenges stemming from cross-strait ties organized by the MAC, and jointly overseen by National Chengchi University’s Institute of International Relations and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C., July 12-13. Participating scholars from Taiwan, the U.S. and mainland China exchanged views on related topics during the gathering.

According to Liu, attending U.S. academics expressed affirmation of Ma’s cross-strait policies and the recent developments in ties across the strait.

American Institute in Taiwan Chairman Raymond F. Burghardt disputed the theory that Washington was abandoning Taiwan to Beijing, stressing that the U.S. government recognizes the importance of its bilateral relationship with Taipei, which it greatly values.

Burghardt also lauded Taiwan’s successful democratic model.

As for media reports that some U.S. scholars at the conference had stated that Washington was encouraging Taiwan to move toward unification with mainland China, Liu said the accounts may have misinterpreted what the researchers said.

Liu stressed that the ROC government would continue working to establish peaceful, stable and institutionalized cross-strait ties for the greatest benefit of the people of Taiwan.

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