More Japanese enterprises to settle in Liangjiang New Area

Chongqing’s deputy mayor Tong Xiaoping met Kawashima Fuminobu, vice president of Mitsui Co., Ltd. on the morning of July 10, 2012.

They had exchanges on the construction of Sino-Japan Industrial Park Project in Liangjiang New Area and strengthening the cooperation with Chongqing.

Kawashima Fuminobu said that Mitsui Co., Ltd. got a number of new business platforms for recycling, vehicle and finance, etc. in Chongqing by cooperating with Chongqing Foreign Trade & Economic Relations Commission and Liangjiang New Area.

In addition, Mitsui Co., Ltd will encourage more Japanese supporting enterprises and SMEs willing to explore business abroad to settle in Chongqing, hoping to accelerate the development of relevant enterprises on the basis of Chongqing’s huge potential for development.

Huang Xiqin

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