14th Australia-China human rights dialogue held in Canberra

China and Australia held the 14th round of human rights dialogue Tuesday at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra.

The dialogue has become a wide-ranging discussion between delegates including parliamentarians and senior officials from a range of agencies from both countries.

Dr Heather Smith, deputy secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that through the dialogue, both governments have an opportunity for a frank and constructive exchange of views at a senior level on a range of human rights issues, including progress in human rights technical cooperation.

Cui Tiankai, vice minister of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, leader of Chinese delegation, said in a press conference after the dialogue that both countries have attended the human rights dialogue for over a decade, which has contributed much to bilateral trust and cooperation.

China will strengthen cooperation with Australia in broader fields in the future with people to people communication being an important part, he added.

When answering questions from the Xinhua correspondent, Cui said some Western media prefer to pick the negative part to make news stories, especially in the human rights area. “But China has an open mind and confidence to deal with real problems in our society. We are grateful for their suggestions and different opinions.”

“People of my generation have experienced very hard times in China, but things have changed a lot nowadays. Changes are taking place in China everyday, the Chinese people are living a better life day by day. This is the fact no one can deny,” said Cui.

“And perhaps it is not China that could not keep up with changes in the world, it is rather some people in the world that can not keep up with changes in China,” he added.

The Members of the Chinese delegation are from the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the All China Federation of Trade Unions, the All China Women’s Federation, the State Council Information Office and the State Administration of Religious Affairs.

The Chinese delegation also had meetings with Australian non- government organizations on Monday.


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