China Mobile signs agreement with Geely Automobile in Chongqing

China Mobile Communications Corporation signed a telematics strategic partnership agreement with Zhejiang Geely Group in Chayuan, Nan’An District, Chongqing on June 29, marking that Chongqing has already found its own breakthrough in building the base of Internet of Things.

Telematics offers a range of services for vehicles such as navigation, positioning, driving assistance, road condition, maintenance, bailout, communication and driving entertainment. Under the agreement, the two parties will apply the brand new service system to GEELY EMGRAND in September. Hereafter China Mobile will aim at Chongqing’s local automobile manufacturing enterprises to seek for more extensive cooperation.

According to the “12th Five-year plan” of China Mobile, operating income from the Internet of Things base will have reached 10 billion yuan by 2015.

It is reported that the number of units who go in for research and development, manufacturing and operation of Internet of Things has exceeded 200 in Chongqing and the industrial chain has already been primarily consummated. By 2015, the investment of in the Internet of Things will promisingly achieve 39 billion yuan and the output value will exceed 150 billion yuan.

Kuang Zhou

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