Two more rail transit lines to be completed in Chongqing

The major project of the extension section of Line 2 of rail transit — the structural works of the steel-box girder of Yudong Bridge have already been completed, while 70% of the Beibei section of the phase-II of of line 6 has been completed.

The two rail transit lines are planned to be put into operation by the end of 2013 and 2014 respectively, according to Chongqing Urban and Rural Construction Commission on June 30.

The 12-kilometer-long extension section of line 2 starts from Xinshancun and ends at Yudong, involving seven stations, namely, Tiantangbao, Jianqiao, Jinjiawan, Ranjiaba, Baijusi, Dajiang and Yudong.

The Beibei section of the second phase of Line 6, starting from Lijia, is 26.1 kilometers in length. The whole line includes six underground stations and one elevated station.

Kuang Zhou

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