China urges parties in Afghanistan to continue inclusive political dialogue

China hopes parties concerned in Afghanistan will continue to be devoted to an inclusive political dialogue and peace process in order to realize national reconciliation, said Li Baodong, Chinese permanent representative to the United Nations here on Wednesday.

His statement came as he addressed a Security Council open meeting on the situation in Afghanistan.

“Thanks to the joint efforts by the Afghan government and its people and under the support by the international community, there has been positive progress in the situation in Afghanistan,” Li told the meeting.

“China supports the reconciliation and reintegration process led by Afghan government,” Li said. “We hope that various parties in Afghanistan will remain committed to an inclusive political dialogue and peace process so as to achieve national reconciliation.”

“It is of vital importance that the next elections in Afghanistan will be held smoothly. China welcomes the preparations carried out by Afghan government in this regard,” he said.

China notes the recent decline in the total number of security incidents in Afghanistan and the improvement in the response capacity of Afghan security forces. “We hope that while implementing withdrawal plans, various parties will take into full account of the need for maintaining Afghan security and stability, ” Li said.

The ambassador stressed that narcotics is a poison to the reconstruction and peace process in Afghanistan. China commended the efforts of the Afghan government in combating the illicit drugs.

“The reconstruction and development of Afghanistan requires continued attention and support from the international community,” Li said. “The potential negative impact of the transitional period on the economic and social development deserves our high attention. ”

“China hopes the recent international conferences in Afghanistan will help to promote the international community to honor its commitment and develop a long-term strategy to support Afghanistan,” he added.


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