China’s Tibetologists talk with German lawmakers

German lawmakers and visiting Chinese Tibetologists on Tuesday exchanged ideas on Tibet’s education and population policies, and the protection of cultural heritage in the autonomous region.

Jigme Wangcog, Secretary-General of the Foreign Cultural Exchange Association of the Tibet Autonomous Region, said the closed-door meeting was conducted “in a frank and open manner.”

Wangcog, who heads the Tibetan cultural exchange delegation consisting of experts on various areas like Tibetan medicine and folklore, said their visit to Germany was aimed at strengthening cultural exchanges and introducing present-day Tibet to the outside world.

He stressed that the delegation would not only be in contact with those who are friendly towards China, but also with those who hold different views, so as to enhance mutual understandings.

He said the meeting was no longer a general briefing on Tibet’s facts, but one with a plenty of questions and answers from both sides.

Chinese Tibetologists shared their observation of the recent self-immolation by Tibetan Buddhist monks, education of Tibetan language in the region’s primary and secondary schools and of the development of Tibetan medicine, while German lawmakers shared their experiences on how to protect the natural and cultural heritages.

During the stay in Germany, the delegation has held several lectures in Berlin and Munich on Tibet culture, attracting a large number of audiences. They will head to South Africa after leaving Germany.


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