Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area to take on 1 million workers by 2020

Workers are needed the most with numerous large enterprises going into operation in Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area since its establishment two years ago. The new industries there are expected to create over one million positions by 2020, according to its Administrative Committee on June 25.

Hankook and Altus among other brands will begin production in the second half of 2012, bringing about the first high demand for workers as many as 50,000, said the organization department of Liangjiang New Area.

It is reported that, since its establishment 2 years ago, Liangjiang New Area has entered 665 contracted programs with a total investment of 355.8 billion yuan, indicating large demand of labor force. It is estimated that Liangjiang New Area will have over one million workers by 2020.

Qu Xinyan

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