Bright Food to buy 70% stake of Bordeaux wine exporter Diva

The independent trader of Bordeaux wines, DIVA, and Shanghai Sugar Cigarette & Wine (SSCW), a subsidiary of China’s Bright Food signed an agreement for an alliance to accelerate the International Development of DIVA, especially in China.

This alliance is based on introducing capital from SSCW to DIVA, SSCW will take 70% of the shares of DIVA Bordeaux. Pierre Beuchet (Founder and President) and Jean-Pierre Rousseau (CEO) will remain significant shareholders at 30%. Jean-Pierre Rousseau will retain his position as head of the company. He will also be the President for a term of minimum 5 years. Representative of SSCW will be appointed as Chairman in the Supervisory Board of the company.

Through this partnership, DIVA will strengthen its international expansion, particularly in China, relying on the strength of the distribution of Bright Food that has several hundred stores in the region. It will also strengthen the delivery of DIVA covering a wide range of classified growths and diversify its customer portfolio.

Since its inception in 1979, Diva has become an intermediary between the great wines of Bordeaux and the leading international distributors. It is one of the wine trading pioneers in Asia, where it has been active for over 20 years in the main markets.

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