Nissan to build new plant in north-eastern China

File photo: Nissan

The Japanese automaker Nissan announced Monday its plan to build a new factory in north-eastern China with local partner Dongfeng Motor.

This new site will produce Nissan vehicles, with an initial capacity of 150,000 units per year in 2014, which will increase to 300,000 thereafter.

This will be the fourth Chinese plant of Nissan.

“China is now the largest market for Nissan and will in future be an engine of growth of the group,” said a deputy general director of the Japanese firm, Hiroshi Saikawa, at a ceremony on site.

Nissan hopes to sell 2 million vehicles a year in China in 2015, against 1.35 million expected this year. Last week, Japanese media reported that Nissan intends to further reduce its production in Japan in favor of an expansion in countries with strong economic activity and cheaper labor.

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