Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer to build business jets in China

File photo: Embraer Brand Ambassador Jackie Chan takes 1st Legacy 650 in China.

The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has signed an agreement with China’s Avic to assemble its jet model “Legacy” in Harbin. The first delivery is scheduled for late 2013.

Embraer and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) announced their continued partnership in Harbin as part of a new joint venture agreement. It aims to assemble two models in China: the Legacy 600 and Legacy 650, which belong to the category of “super mid-size jets” and “broad jet” respectively.

The first draft should leave the assembly line in Harbin in late 2013. It will be delivered to ICBC Financial Leasing Co., a subsidiary of the Chinese bank ICBC, which signed an order for 10 jets. With this contract, Embraer has received 159 orders for business jets and regional aircraft in China including 20 “Legacy” jets.

“This announcement marks another step in Embraer’s presence in China and bilateral relations between Brazil and China. Our president believe our partnership with Avic is a model of a south-south cooperation,” said Frederico Curado, CEO of the Brazilian manufacturer.

Embraer entered China in 2000, opening a representative office in Beijing. In 2002 it joined Avic to launch the assembling of the ERJ 145, a 50-seat regional aircraft in Harbin, as part of a first joint venture. The plant is designed to provide Chinese airlines. But in several months, the site became idle for lack of new orders.

Embraer and AVIC will give new life to the factory of Harbin by transforming the assembly line of the ERJ 145 to the model “Legacy” that was developed based on the ERJ 135, a 35-seat regional jet.

Embraer will build its strength in Chinese domestic market. it also wants to break into the segment of business aviation. According to Embraer, deliveries of business jets is expected to reach 635 over the next decade.

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