China to provide the Defense Ministry of Belarus 22 armored vehicles

The Defense Ministry of Belarus on June 19 signed an act of gratuitous transfer of military assistance from China, as the implementation of the Agreement between the Armed Forces of Belarus and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), announced the Defence Ministry of Belarus.

“The Belarusian army will receive 22 light-armored special vehicles “Dongfeng Mengshi” (东风猛士). These vehicles will enter the service of special operations forces. Minsk residents and guests will be able to see them on the Minsk garrison parade in commemoration of Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus, says the official report.

“Dongfeng Mengshi” is a new series of highly mobile all-terrain vehicles weighing 3.5 tonnes, developed by Dongfeng Motor. These vehicles offer superior mobility, good safety features and ergonomics. They can be used on any terrain in all weather conditions.

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