China has cut imports of Iranian oil in order to avoid U.S. sanctions

China has significantly reduced the import of Iranian oil to avoid U.S. sanctions, which will come into force on 28 June.

““We’ve seen China slowly but surely take actions,” said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In accordance with U.S. law, foreign entities should cut their oil supplies from Iran. Those who did not do so and continue their business links with the Iranian Central Bank, will face a ban on financial transactions with the United States.

“I have to certify under American laws whether or not countries are reducing their purchases of crude oil from Iran and I was able to certify that India was, Japan was, South Korea was,” said Clinton.

Ten days ago, it was reported that the U.S. has also decided not to apply new sanctions against Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan, which are major importers of Iranian oil. In addition, in March, the U.S. “liberated” 11 of 23 oil-importing countries from the sanctions. Among them were Japan and 10 EU countries: Belgium, Britain, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, France and the Czech Republic.

Forcing other countries to abandon the purchase of Iranian oil, Washington hopes to put pressure on Tehran to force it to change its nuclear program and ensure its peaceful nature. Simultaneously, the U.S. plans, together with the five permanent members of UN Security Council and Germany to continue diplomatic talks with Iran.

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