Liangjiang New Area establishes high speed information port

The network access speed for users in Longsheng Section will be not less than 50Mbps from recent time to 2015, and reach 100Mbps by 2020, according to the Development & Investment Group of Liangjiang New Area on June 19. Liangjiang New Area will become one of those areas with the fastest internet speed.

The internet access in Longsheng Section of the newly-founded Liangjiang New Area will be established as per high standards, so as to reserve enough space for speed improvement.

In addition to the cable broad band network, Liangjiang New Area also plans to set up WiFi in the International Convention & Exhibition Center, commercial streets and parks.

What’s more, the fixed voice, fixed broad band and cable television will also be of the highest standards in China.

Zhang Yingling

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