China is interested in importing Latvian fruit and berries

At present, the volume of trade in agricultural products between China and Latvia is small, but China is interested in increasing it. This was announced at a press conference after the meeting of Chinese Vice Agriculture Minister Niu Dun with the Minister of Agriculture of Latvia Laimdota Strauyuma.

According to Mr.Niu, China is especially interested in importing the Latvian blueberries, fruits, beverages, fish, beef and poultry.

“Today we are working together to better organize the export and import of agricultural products, because China’s population is very large and the government alone can not provide some specific agricultural products”, said the Vice Minister.

Strauyuma noted that agricultural exports from Latvia to China now stands at 6.62 million euros per year, and 97% of exports is blueberries. Imports of agricultural products from China to Latvia stands 8.78 million euros per year, mostly canned fruits and vegetables, fish, fresh fruit and nuts.

“We have discussed with the vice-minister on previous successful cooperation and decided to establish a working group at the ministerial level, which will deal with issues of interest to both parties – agricultural technologies, the development of bilateral trade, relations with competitive services and phytosanitary measures” said Strauyuma.

Niu Dun said that Chinese children are very fond of blueberries, and China has 400 million children under the age of 18 years. “Blueberry costs 8 U.S. dollars per kilogram, and many Chinese parents will buy it for their children. There’s great potential of this huge market,” said the vice Minister.

Also, he said that Chinese people enjoy fish products, fruits, high-quality beer and other beverages from Latvia.

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