Victim of forced abortion stirs outrage outrage in China

A photo of the child, presumably a victim of abortion, has caused outrage on China’s internet. Human rights activists argue that this is a consequence of the one-child policy introduced by the Chinese authorities.

According to human rights, the photo shows a Chinese woman Feng Jianmei of Shaanxi Province, allegedly been forced to have an abortion in the seventh month of pregnancy because she could not pay the fine of 40,000 yuan imposed on her by local authorities. Human rights activists group All Girls Allowed, based in Washington, argued that Mrs.Feng had no money to pay the penalty for a second child.

Feng Jianmei on hospital bed after a forced abortion.

Human rights advocates has accused China for its family planning policy which actually leads to the result that women are forced to have abortions. Beijing categorically rejected the allegations.

“The History of Feng Jianmei demonstrates how the one-child policy leads to the daily violence against women” – says Chai Ling of the organization All Girls Allowed. According to her, human rights activists managed to talk to Feng and her husband immediately after the incident.

However, the representative of Shaanxi Government, who requested anonymity, told local media that no one held Mrs.Feng against her will.

In Chinese blogosphere, the story has received considerable attention. Many do not doubt the veracity of the story.

The Global Times says that the government is already investigating the incident.

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