One of two Chinese female astronauts to join Shenzhou-9 mission

File photo: Liu Yang and Wang Yaping.

One of the two female astronauts, Liu Yang (刘洋) and Wang Yaping (王亚平), from the Wuhan Flight Unit, will join Shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft docking mission with Tiangong-1 spacecraft in mid-June. They are selected as members of the first batch of female astronauts in China because of their excellent flight skills and psychological quality. Both of them are graduated from Changchun Air Force and Flight Training School of the Air Force, they are The seventh batch of female pilots in the Air Force.

Air Force lieutenant Liu Yang was born in 1978 in Henan, lieutenant Wang Yaping was born in April 1978 in Yantai, Shandong.

Two groups of astronauts have arrived at Jiuquan, the final list will be unveiled two or three days before the launch.

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