Heavy air pollution in Jiangsu Province

June 10, Nanjing was shrouded in thick fog. Experts said the fog was caused by straw burning. (CNSPHOTO Yaojun)

June 10, heavy fog in Yangzhou. Straw burning caused environmental pollution in the urban areas of Yangzhou and affected traffic safety. (CNSPHOTO Meng Delong)

June 10, heavy fog over Yangzhou Slender West Lake. (CNSPHOTO Meng Delong)

June 10, “Twenty-four Bridges” in heavy fog. (CNSPHOTO Meng Delong)

June 10, Suzhou Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning on haze. (CNSPHOTO Wang Jiankang)

At 17:00 in Suining, the sky turned dark amid fog and haze. (CNSPHOTO Hongxing)

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