Shanghai, Chongqing co-build “speedway” for customs transit

Shanghai and Chongqing Customs have been working on building a fast customs transit channel between the two sides since this year to boost the gradient shift of Chongqing’s processing trade and IT industrial development.

The total value of imports and exports of Chongqing traded at Shanghai port from January to April 2012 has accumulated to 3.66 billion US dollars, up 22.7% year on year.

The circulation value of goods traded between Chongqing Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Area and Shanghai Customs Special Controlled Area alone reaches 1.58 billion US dollars.

As the traditional “level upon level customs transit” can no longer satisfy the industrial development, Shanghai and Chongqing Customs have tried more convenient transit pilots with the support of the General Administration of Customs.

The transit data are sent directly to the destination customs from the stored customs, without formalities at airports, harbors and railway stations, and the transit efficiency between Shanghai and Chongqing is greatly improved.

Deng Jun

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