Nestlé opens management training center of dairy farming in China

Nestlé (雀巢中国) announced the opening of a management training center of dairy farming which will aim to support sustainable development and accelerated modernization of the dairy industry in China.

This center comes after the announcement by Nestlé in January through which the company was committed to transforming Shuangcheng (双城), one of its main sites in China to supply fresh milk, in a national benchmark in terms of best dairy farming practices and management. The Memorandum of Understanding concluded between the municipal administration and Shuangcheng Nestle commits both partners to jointly develop modern dairy farming practices.

The center of dairy farming occupies an area of 600,000 square meters and has three different types of training farms, including a site for housing 1,520 cows. The smaller farm provides advice to farmers working alone or in small farms, guiding them to a professional mode of operation, a large farm of 1,200 cows and a very large farm of 8000 cows to help those farmers with larger farms to scale up and implement more modern practices.

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