Chongqing to boost auto industry

Chongqing will invest 1.6 billion yuan boosting the auto industry in the hope that the output will achieve 3.2 million vehicles by 2015 at an annual growth rate of 16.8%, said Chongqing Economy and Informationization Commission on June 5, 2012.

Chongqing will foster 3-5 large-scale auto manufacturers with large production capacity, market share and high competitiveness within the next three years and 2-3 gargantuan groups which will be highly competitive in the international motor cycle industry.

New-energy vehicles will remain the key part in boosting the car industry.

Chongqing is designed to be a major base in China for the research and development, manufacturing, detection, recycling and utilization of energy-saving and new-energy vehicles within the next three years. The total production and sales volume of battery electric autos and plug-in hybrids is expected to exceed 100,000.

Qu Xinyan

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