China and Russia have a common position on Syria

Russia and China hold a unified position on Syria, in which both parties are opposed to foreign intervention and violent change of power, said the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin.

Liu stressed that Moscow and Beijing insist on an immediate cessation of violence in Syria and the establishment of political dialogue with the opposition government. The spokesperson also said that both Russia and China believe the crisis in Syria should be resolved through consultation between the parties involved in the conflict. “This approach meets the basic interests of the Syrian people.” He added that Russia and China in their own way played a positive role in resolving the situation in Syria.

Earlier, Moscow and Beijing blocked the adoption of UN Security Council resolutions that called for tougher sanctions against Syria.

An armed confrontation between supporters of incumbent President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and the opposition continued for over a year. According to the UN, the war has killed at least 10 thousand people.

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