Teacher of graduating class committed suicide by taking poison

Mr.Zhao's photo saved in his wife Ma Tingting's phone.

Zhao Peng (赵鹏), a teacher in charge of graduating class committed suicide on April 27th by taking poison, he was under 30 years.

Born in 1982, Mr.Zhao worked in County Guantao (馆陶), Hebei province. He left a suicide note saying he was too tired to live, the endless workload came every day while he can’t make ends meet on his salary.

The payroll shows in March Mr.Zhao was paid 1950 yuan, including basic salary 1450 yuan and 500 yuan subsidy, in April he only got basic salary 1450 yuan, there was no subsidies.

On the day he received salary of April, he chose suicide by taking poison, left his wife and two-year son. There was 38 days left until the college entrance examination, and only 18 days to his 30th birthday.

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