China approves acquisition of Motorola by Google

Google just announced that the Chinese authorities, the last obstacle to the acquisition of U.S. manufacturer of smartphones, had approved the acquisition.

Google can finally get hold of the manufacturer of smartphones, Motorola Mobility, including the redemption process for a $12.5 billion which had been initiated in August 2011. The Chinese authorities endorse the deal, said the Internet giant.

However, their agreement is subject to a significant condition, Beijing requires that Google Android system keeping free for at least five years. Other conditions are imposed by the Chinese regulator, similar to those imposed by the EU and U.S. authorities. Google will offer reasonable licensing of the intellectual property of Motorola Mobility. As a reminder, this redemption procedure had raised fears among the Android community, which feared that the Google subsidiary is favored.

U.S. and European regulators have approved the acquisition of U.S. manufacturer of smartphones as early as February this year, China was therefore the last obstacle. “We are delighted that the operation has been endorsed by all jurisdictions and we expect to complete the transaction early next week,” said Jennifer Weyrauch-Erickson, a spokesman for Motorola.

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