Open letter of CCP veterans calling for dismissal of Zhou Yongkang and Liu Yunshan

16 veterans of Chinese Communist Party Wednesday announced an open letter calling for the dismissal of one of the most powerful men in China, Zhou Yongkang, a security official who finds himself weakened after the recent fall of Bo Xilai. They also demand the departure of Liu Yunshan, head of propaganda in the Politburo.

The call of the 16 veterans of the CPC to the dismissal of two of the nine members of the powerful Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party, is closely linked to the case of Bo Xilai, former number one in Chongqing now under investigation, apparently for corruption.

Bo Xilai, who hoped to enter the Politburo Standing Committee in favor of CPC National Congress in the fall, was suspended by the Politburo of Central Committee. His wife Gu Kalai is suspected of murdering a British with whom she and Bo had a business relationship. The scandal resulted in the strongest political earthquake in China for decades.

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