Hunan rainstorms force 172,000 people to relocate

About 172,000 residents threatened by rainstorms in central China’s Hunan province have been relocated, local authorities said Monday.

As of noon on Monday, continuous rain had affected the lives of over 2.91 million people in 50 counties in the province, according to the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters.

Over 3,600 houses in Hunan have collapsed in the storms, which have also led direct losses of about 2.879 billion yuan (about 456.3 million U.S. dollars).

The heavy rain has pushed the water levels of major rivers in Hunan above warning levels, said the provincial meteorological bureau. The Miluo, Zishui and Yuanshui rivers have all been affected.

The provincial government has ordered precautions be taken to avoid the rivers breaking their banks, and for preparations to be made for disaster relief work.

The precipitation in Hunan is expected to drop on Tuesday, but a new round of rainfall will come on Friday, according to the provincial meteorological bureau.


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