China is “ready to work” with Francois Holland

China is “ready to work” with Francois Holland, said a spokesman for China’s diplomacy today, the day after the election of socialist leader to the French Presidency. “China is ready to work with the French side and deal with bilateral strategic and long term issues,” said Hong Lei at a press briefing.

“The pursuit of healthy and stable development of Sino-French relations not only serves the interests of both countries and people, but also world peace, stability and development,” added the spokesman. Francois Hollande had indicated recently that he would reserve China – a country which he never visited – one of his first trips abroad if elected president.

Relations between China and France will not change fundamentally with Francois Hollande, but could go through a period of uncertainty, “The French election is not likely to bring change,” said the title of an editorial in the Global Times before the result of the presidential election in France is known.

As for Francois Hollande, “there should be no material change” in the Franco-Chinese relations, said today Zhu Feng, professor of international relations at Peking University. But the new French president, “as a leftist leader, could raise more sensitive issues with Chinese leaders, such as human rights, which will test the Franco-Chinese relations,” estimated Chen Zhimin, professor of Fudan University in Shanghai, quoted by the Global Times.

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