Chinese ambassador commends “Icebreakers” for contribution to Sino-British ties

Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming on Thursday commended British “Icebreakers” for their outstanding contribution to the promotion of Sino-British friendship, and economic and trade cooperation.

“Sixty years ago, the ‘icebreaker spirit’ meant to break the ice and open the door of China-Britain business relations. Sixty years on the responsibility of Icebreakers is to promote an all-dimensional development of China-Britain relations,” Liu said during an awarding ceremony held at Chinese embassy in London.

A total of 22 politicians, business leaders, diplomats, and military officers from the two countries have received the “Icebreaker,” “Fellowship” and “Honorary Membership” awards from the 48 Group Club, an independent business network in Britain committed to promoting positive links with China, starting from 2005 at the yearly event.

Liu said he believed there was an even greater role for the “Icebreakers” to play today.

“The award winners this evening are from different sectors and backgrounds. I see political and business leaders, diplomats and military officers. Yet you have one thing in common. You have all done a superb interpretation of the ‘icebreaker spirit.’ The 20th century called for icebreakers. So does the 21st century,” he said.

About 200 people from various circles of Britain and China attended the ceremony.

Among the Chinese award winners were Ou Yan, managing director of China Telecom (Europe), Zhang Jiangang, managing director of Huawei Technologies (UK), and Zhu Yuefang, chief representative of the China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) in Britain.

Recently, Huawei successfully acquired British company CIP. The deal has greatly built up Huawei’s research and development (R&D) capability in Britain.


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