China supports int’l cooperation on combating illicit cross-border trafficking, movement

China supports international cooperation on combating illicit cross-border trafficking and movement, Chinese ambassador to the UN Li Baodong (李保东) said here Wednesday.

“Lately, arms proliferation in west Africa and Sahel region as well as turbulence in Mali have attracted broad concerns,” Li said while addressing a UN Security Council open debate on securing borders against illicit flows.

Li said that international cooperation should be focused on helping needy countries improve their capacity building.

“While providing assistance, the international communities should fully respect national circumstances, their will and choices, stick to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of member states,” he said.

Li also noted that border management falls in the sovereignty of member states. National governments have the primary responsibility for strengthening border and customs control, and for preventing and fighting all manners of illicit cross-border trafficking and movement.

“We hope all countries will, in accordance with relevant resolutions of the UN and the Security Council, fulfill their obligations under international conventions and international laws, improve domestic legislation, enhance inter-department coordination, strengthen law enforcement capacity and practically reinforce border management,” he said.

Li added that it is also essential to bring into full play the advantages of different agencies of the UN so as to create synergy.


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