Statement by Harbour Grand Hong Kong after the fire on April 21

(Hong Kong, 21 April 2012) Harbour Grand Hong Kong expressed sincere apology for a fire thought to have started by the LCD screen on the roof of the hotel at 2:40 am with one guest requiring medical treatment and inconvenienced others staying at the hotel.

General Manager of Harbour Grand Hong Kong, Mr Benedict Chow, expressed gratitude to the Fire Services Department (FSD) for swiftly putting out the fire at 6:45 am, thus containing the impact of the fire.

Mr Chow said the hotel will co-operate with the FSD in investigating the fire to ascertain the cause and to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Mr Chow also said that the hotel had informed the FSD immediately after the fire outbreak, and the fire alarm was triggered. According to the fire services guidelines, fire alarms one floor beneath and two floors above the incident floor are activated. Since the fire broke out on the top floor, ie 42th floor, the fire alarm was activated on both the 41st and 42nd floors. The FSD also confirmed that the hotel’s alarm system was functioning properly during the fire.

The hotel informed the guests immediately through the emergency broadcast system, and Mr Chow praised hotel staff for quickly visiting each floor to help lead hotel guests to safety.

Harbour Grand Hong Kong is now arranging for the guests to stay at other Harbour Plaza hotels and other hotels. Mr Chow added that the hotel organises regular fire drills to familiarise staff with the relevant fire procedures.


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