People’s Daily: No storm can shake China’s composure

The Philippines recently took a series of irresponsible actions in the waters around the Huangyan Island, which is an inherent part of China’s territory. Its irresponsible move affected the peace and tranquility in the waters, and could threaten China’s diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.

(Original article: 人民日报:没有什么风浪能动摇“中国定力” )

China’s foreign policy toward neighboring countries features the creation of an amicable, secure, and prosperous neighborhood. This is neither a high-sounding statement nor a temporary policy. Creating a harmonious and peaceful neighborhood and seeking common development with neighboring countries is a natural choice for peacefully rising China, and is also one of the country’s long-term goals.

China has won the respect and understanding of most neighboring countries for its ability to control itself in the face of severe challenges or complex situations. By exercising self-control, the country has carried out fruitful cooperation with more and more countries and regions, and helped people grasp the role of a rapidly rising power in the international arena.

The Huangyan Island dispute once again highlights the complexity of China’s relations with neighboring countries. With an unhealthy mindset, certain neighbors have deliberately provoked disputes with China, and have been so naive to think that they can take advantage of external forces to encroach on China’s core interests. They must have misinterpreted China’s foreign policy toward neighboring countries.

The Huangyan Island is an inherent part of China’s territory, and China’s sovereignty over the island has full legal basis. Safeguarding territorial sovereignty is a sacred mission of Chinese diplomacy, and even the slightest violation of the country’s sovereignty will not be tolerated.

Great national strength is neither China’s fault nor the weak link of Chinese diplomacy. Any country that carries out vexatious acts is doomed to be hit hard no matter if it is weak, no matter how pitiful it pretends to be. In the Huangyan Island dispute, there is no such thing as the strong bullying the weak. China’s determination to defend its territorial sovereignty will not be hindered by the “China threat theory.”

China has adopted a responsible foreign policy as it has exercised self-control in complex situations, advocated dispute settlement through negotiations, and made a determined effort to maintain friendly relations with its neighbors.

By Zhong Sheng (People’s Daily)

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